Automated directional guidance system

Collaborative directional guidance platform eliminates variability, increases wellbore placement accuracy and enhances operational visibility.

Automated Guidance

Simple, automated stand-by-stand instructions to deliver the optimal path and achieve the well plan

Consistent Performance

Consistent and scalable implementation of unique directional drilling best practices – across wells, rigs and crews

Operational Transparency

Full transparency and traceability of directional decisions across remote and wellsite users

Rig Integration

On a Nabors SmartRig®, SmartNAV™ integrates seamlessly with SmartSLIDE™ for true remote automated directional operations

Elevate Directional Drilling Operations with SmartNAV™

Scale directional drilling best practices

The SmartNAV™ application enables fast, consistent and accurate wellbore placement decisions. Set and enforce best practices like no-slide zones, maximum doglegs and acceptable tolerance from plan to achieve consistent directional control across multiple rigs.

Provide a record of performance

Improve operational visibility via a transparent record of decision-making and drilling performance with the SmartNAV™ application. Data-driven reporting integrates well plan information with real-time measurements to understand when and why steering decisions were made.

Enable workflow optimization & collaboration

The SmartNAV™ application provides integrated dashboards and 3D visualizations to effectively manage remote and local operations across multiple wells in real-time. Decision risk is reduced through collaboration tools that allow geosteering teams to directly input plan changes and remote directional drillers to intervene when necessary.

Automation of Directional Drilling Decision-Making Process

Definition of target window and tolerances

Stay on target and minimize slide drilling while referencing tolerance from plan and geosteering changes

Digitalization of best practices and steering rules

Automation ensures standardized application of formation-specific best practices across rigs, wells and crews

Decision traceability and visibility, remotely and on location

Ensure accountability and consistency through transparent communication and collaboration tools

Simple stand-by-stand

Clear activity instructions provided to the driller, local or remote directional driller

Digital Solutions for Faster, Safer and Smarter Drilling