Directional Decisions, Automated

Remote directional operations have never been easier. The SmartNAV® application delivers automated directional guidance to improve the speed and consistency of directional decisions, enhance remote operability, and add transparency to the directional drilling process.


Digital Remote Operations, Delivered

The RigCLOUD® platform provides the tools and infrastructure needed for today’s Digital Operations Center (DOC). Integrated applications such as SmartNAV and RigCLOUD® LiveOps combine to deliver real-time insight into operations across your rig fleet.

Digital Operations

Informed, Simple, Better Drilling Decisions

Make knowledgeable, timely decisions to call a bit trip, adjust drilling parameters or pump a sweep with RigCLOUD® LiveOps streaming analytics. The right information at the right time eliminates the need to search through different sources of data for the best path forward.

Drilling Analytics

One Platform, Infinite Solutions

Next generation
rig instrumentation and drilling data

Monitor drilling operations with quality, high-resolution data. Stay connected to the rig site from any device with advanced real-time data delivery options.

Rig Instrumentation

Drive performance
through actionable insights

Optimize performance and reduce the learning curve with RigCLOUD analytics.

Drilling Analytics

Get more done with RigCLOUD apps

Integrated apps meet today’s demand for data-driven workflows. Accelerate app development and deployment with simple access to sensor data and contextual information.


One Platform, Infinite Solutions