Open, secure, ready for drilling

Much more than rig instrumentation, RigCLOUD® is the oil and gas industry’s next-generation open cloud platform. It is uniquely designed to host drilling and analytics software at the rig site, on the web and on mobile devices.

Easily Accessible Drilling Data

Reliable and secure acquisition, storage, management, visualization and delivery of drilling data

Integrated Digital Workflows & Collaboration

Seamless messaging and communication across applications to support digital operations

Open Integration

Secure access to data and services for integration with other digital systems and partner apps

The Foundation for Digital
Drilling Operations

The RigCLOUD platform includes a full suite of built-in applications to elevate well construction efficiency. Expand functionality and create new solutions through open-secure integration.

Consolidate data from all sources in one location

Standardize your data streams with RigCLOUD® Gateway – consume data from any system, on any rig and deliver it in your preferred format.

Digital operations, anywhere

Go beyond monitoring, stay in control. Our suite of powerful tools move your operations to the cloud allowing you to efficiently adapt to ever-changing conditions.

One platform, infinite solutions.

Integrate your own applications and deploy on-scale with 24/7 operations support.

Digital Solutions for Faster, Safer and Smarter Drilling